June 4, 2018 | Posted by:

Ancora sponsors Iranian refugee’s art exhibit

In Iran, a lot of Roshanak Ghaleb’s dreams had to do with art. But one day, after earning her bachelor’s degree in that field, she had to pile all those dreams in a plexiglass boat and hope that she and her husband made it across the Mediterranean Sea to safety.

They did, but only barely. The boat sunk, but the Ghalebs were saved by the Turkish coast guard. Slowly they made their way to Germany.

And in May, Ancora sponsored an art exhibit featuring Roshanak’s work. Since she has been in Germany, she has primarily painted realistic paintings with pastels, charcoal and pencil, but she has experience in watercolor, oil and acrylic too. For the past few months, Roshanak has taught art to a group of refugees, and at the exhibit, she sold four paintings.

Ancora is proud of Roshanak and other refugees who are using art as a way to make a new home in Germany.