About Ancora

Mission and Vision

Ancora strives to provide dignity and hope to displaced peoples while facilitating and strengthening community and relationships.

Ancora strengthens relationships with displaced peoples through facilitating community programs and projects focused on health and recreation, education, and training.



We believe every person has a story to be heard and validated. Each individual caught up in the current crisis bears wounds and abuses that threaten their sense of worth. Ancora wants to serve each life that crosses our path with listening ears and helping hands.


Hope rests in the confidence of what may come in the future. At Ancora, we want to provide displaced people with the tools, programs, and relationships that instill hope for their next chapter of life.


One of the biggest losses amongst displaced people is the breakup of communities and families. At Ancora, we desire to create relationships that help rebuild a sense of belonging and provide the support that is crucial to successfully adapting to a new culture.

Our Team

The Ancora leadership team unites individuals who each have a deeply held desire to serve displaced people around the world. With experience living and working in multiple cultures, the team purposes to engage the current refugee crisis with compassion coupled with well-coordinated and highly-effective social assistance.

Robert Rogers

Managing Director

Robert is a licensed attorney with a bachelor’s degree in business management, and a doctorate of jurisprudence. Over his career, Robert has served on the board of directors for both for-profit and non-profit companies in the US and internationally, and has owned and managed various legal, real estate, finance and consulting companies. He currently lives in southern Germany with his wife and four children.

Kelly Seely

Managing Director

McKenzie Rogers

Financial Officer

McKenzie is an accountant and joins Ancora with 11 years of public accounting experience with a background in charitable tax issues. Her years living outside the US has fostered her heart for working to improve the lives and dignity of those in suffering. She resides in southern Germany with her husband and four children.