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Ancora Sponsors FV Tumringen III

For 2017, Ancora signed on as the major sponsor for FV Tumringen III, a local soccer team comprised solely of refugees and asylum seekers. Ancora champions sport for bringing people together with a common interest as well as creating an outlet for health benefits and recreation for newcomers. See you at the game!

Match Schedule {home games in bold}

Sa., 18.03.17 16:00 SV Istein II – Tumringen III

Sun., 26.03.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Schliengen II

Fr., 31.03.17 19:30 Bellingen II – Tumringen III

Sun. 09.04.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Malsb.-Marz. II

Sun., 30.04.17 13:00 Efr.-Kirchen III – Tumringen III

Sun., 07.05.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Huttingen III

Fr., 12.05.17, 19:00 Kandern II – Tumringen III

Sun., 21.05.17 17:30 Tumringen III – TJZ Weil

Wed., 24.05.17 19:30 Tumringen III – Liel-Nieder. III

Sun., 28.05.17 15:00 SC Kleinkems – Tumringen III

Sun., 04.06.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Friedlingen II

Sun. 11.06.17 10:30 SV Weil 1910 IV – Tumringen III

Ancora Community Partnerships

One of the key ingredients in creating opportunities for training, events, education and gathering is a purposed space. Together with local partners, Ancora seeks to provide an environment for strengthening relationships and community while practically addressing a “third place” need amongst people seeking a positive environment.



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