Ancora Programs

Ancora Sponsors FV Tumringen III

For 2017, Ancora signed on as the major sponsor for FV Tumringen III, a local soccer team comprised solely of refugees and asylum seekers. Ancora champions sport for bringing people together with a common interest as well as creating an outlet for health benefits and recreation for newcomers. See you at the game!

Match Schedule {home games in bold}

Sa., 18.03.17 16:00 SV Istein II – Tumringen III

Sun., 26.03.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Schliengen II

Fr., 31.03.17 19:30 Bellingen II – Tumringen III

Sun. 09.04.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Malsb.-Marz. II

Sun., 30.04.17 13:00 Efr.-Kirchen III – Tumringen III

Sun., 07.05.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Huttingen III

Fr., 12.05.17, 19:00 Kandern II – Tumringen III

Sun., 21.05.17 17:30 Tumringen III – TJZ Weil

Wed., 24.05.17 19:30 Tumringen III – Liel-Nieder. III

Sun., 28.05.17 15:00 SC Kleinkems – Tumringen III

Sun., 04.06.17 17:30 Tumringen III – Friedlingen II

Sun. 11.06.17 10:30 SV Weil 1910 IV – Tumringen III

Ancora Community Centers

Coming Soon!  One of the key ingredients in creating opportunities for training, events, education and gathering is a purposed space. Ancora Community Centers provide an environment for strengthening relationships and community while practically addressing a “third place” need amongst people seeking a positive environment.



German Language Classes

Coming Soon! Speaking the local language is an obvious and challenging step for cultural adaptation. Ancora offers classes for various ages and abilities. We engage trained volunteers and practitioners to ensure high quality courses.