Ancora Programs

Practical Solutions

Ancora finds that many of the residents in refugee housing lack fitness outlets as well as convenient transportation. One small way Ancora is addressing this problem is to provide a number of maintained bicycles for residents to use for either cycling clubs or errands around town. This is building bridges for refugees to get involved in their community and meet others.



Ancora Community Partnerships

One of the key ingredients in creating opportunities for training, events, education and gathering is a purposed space. Together with local partners, Ancora seeks to provide an environment for strengthening relationships and community while practically addressing a “third place” need amongst people seeking a positive environment.



German Language Classes

Refugees need language skills to be able to get jobs, find community and start a new life. To meet this need, Ancora provides computer-based language lessons in a dedicated lab and offers regular gatherings for conversation practice. The need is vast. In just 18 months, Germany absorbed more than a million people into its borders. These new residents desperately need to learn language in order to work, provide for their families and make a home here.